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Little Tigers Martial Arts initially created the Dragon Warrior Obstacle Challenge (DWOC) to enhance its martial arts learning curriculum by providing its students with a variety of challenging obstacles aimed at developing strength, stamina, speed, coordination and flexibility – key principles for effective martial arts agility.

Announcement: Check out our Fall Challenge Winners from our Sunday, October 27th Event | View now »

Announcement: Fall Challenge Begins Sunday, October 27th from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm


At first we planned, developed and successfully executed a few martial arts programme centered obstacle events (with fewer obstacles) just for our students and their friends.  We also held a major event for primary school student’s island wide at the Bermuda College and executed a special event for Warwick Academy students.

We continuously look for innovative ways to support our current senior martial arts students with accessing a broader platform to further develop discipline, confidence and communication skills whilst at the same time fine tuning martial arts techniques.

Island Wide Invite

We’re excited to invite all 5 to 12 year olds island wide to complete our amped up Dragon Warrior Obstacle Challenge. The DWOC consists of 10 challenging obstacles designed to test the fittest, humble the fastest and bring out true grit in all warrior participants. A DWOC participant will also have to exercise a degree of strategy and focus to complete the Challenge.

DWOC Competition

Coal with great pressure produces diamonds (Geology.com) – our past DWOC events have been obstacle race events with a lot of fun but with no competitive winning element.

Now we have introduced the timing element to mint the 1st 3 male and female winners within each of the following age categories: 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12.

At all DWOC events, winners will be immediately photographed for posting, inclusive of bios, on the DWOC website. Of course all winners will receive special invitations to return and defend their titles at the next DWOC event, which will be held monthly.

Youth Obstacle Racing

Bermuda is ripe for the further growth of dynamic, engaging and fun obstacle courses for pre-teen participants. A variety of fitness oriented obstacle-type challenge events have sprung up over the United States that challenge children in creative ways. The DWOC takes the best from these events and initiatives whilst at the same time further developing its own authentic Bermuda model.  The following is an excerpt from the renowned Spartan Kids USA wide obstacle event.

The Spartan Kids Races are about a return to the childlike sense of adventure that we’ve lost while getting sucked up into “normal life”. Spartan Races wants to keep this sense of adventure alive in our kids BEFORE they lose it.   Today, a typical child devotes an average of 7.5 hours each day to entertainment media: TV, video games, cell phones, and movies.  Physical activity is essential in helping children control weight, build lean muscle, reduce fat, and develop strong bones, muscles and joints. The challenges in a Spartan Kids Race are ideally suited to building a fitter, stronger, and healthier youngster. More importantly, the sense of fun and camaraderie inherent in our races will help instill within your kids a sense of excitement and respect for fitness.  Spartan Races are about building a healthy and active community of people. Spartan Kid Races allow us to help build stronger families.

Spartan Kids / Obstacle Racing Just For Kids


Each DWOC event will financially support a worthwhile charity and showcase the charity’s mission, relevant program/project to be gifted and any benefiting participants. Little Tigers Martial Arts & The Dragon Warrior Obstacle Challenge (DWOC) are proud to support BHS’s Year 10 – 12 Class Japan Educational Tour. The DWOC will be donating October 27 event part proceeds to enable participating BHS students with making the most of this amazing real world experience!

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DWOC Obstacles

1. Snake Scurry

Skill Focus: Flexibility, Speed, Stamina

Exercise: Participant moves quickly crawling under and jumping over a series of bars simulating a vertical snaking type movement

2. Spider Climb

Skill Focus: Flexibility, Coordination, Strength, Speed   

Exercise: Participant quickly scrambles up and down an 8 foot high wall of rope netting

3. Weighted Crane Bird Balance Beam

Skill Focus: Balance, Coordination  

Exercise: Participant carries a rock sack or pure water big jug and walks/runs quickly across balance beam no. 1 and 2

Equipment: Balance beams, rock sacks or pure water bottles

4. Medicine Ball Madness

Skill Focus: Strength, Coordination, Speed, Stamina   

Exercise: Participant runs and lifts 3 medicine balls from A to B points to finish with all medicine balls in a wheelbarrow

5. Wobbly Wheelbarrow Run

Skill Focus: Balance, Coordination, Speed   

Exercise: Following on from Medicine Ball Madness, the participant quickly dons a vest and hat before wheeling the wobbly, balance-challenged (with a 10lb medicine ball) wheelbarrow to a finish-spot.

6. Tiger Tire Tug

Skill Focus: Strength, Stamina, speed 

Exercise: Participant grips a rope and pulls a car/truck tire with a laden weight plate to a finish-spot

7. Kangaroo Hop

Skill Focus: Balance, coordination, stamina 

Exercise: Participant jumps in hopsack with handles and hops as quickly as possible without falling down

8. Spartan Frog

Skill Focus: Speed, Stamina, Coordination, Flexibility    

Exercise: Participant runs up and over 2 fence type structures

9-11. Dragons Dash – Ultimate Obstacle Course

Skill Focus: Strength, Speed, Stamina, Coordination, Flexibility    

Exercise: Participant races through the ultimate inflatable obstacle course

Equipment: 90-foot inflatable obstacle course (pieces separate into 3 parts to be used in different areas of the DWOC course

Dragon Warrior Obstacle Challenge (DWOC) Goals

  1. To add value to Little Tigers Martial Arts’ existing student offerings and generate funds to further enhance the martial arts programme.
  2. To create a niche, signature event that is focused on pre-teen participants.
    a. Past and present signature events such as the Capital G (Clarion) Iron Kids Triathlon, Telford Mile, Dash in the Dark and Tokio Millennium Cycling at the Arboretum offer significant youth development value. The DWOC exists to challenge 5 to 12-year-olds (at this time) in a broad variety of fitness categories.
  3. To engage with strategic lead partners and sponsors with youth development, health and fitness values in line with the DWOC event series.
  1. To sensitize and educate all DWOC participants to the importance of staying healthy, physically active and competitive fitness-wise.
  2. To employ youth and young adults in all areas of obstacle design, marketing, registration, obstacle set-up and breakdown, customer service, accounting, food/beverage provisions, participant safety, race timing, volunteer management, website development and DWOC growth.  At the core of the DWOC’s vision is for youth to develop real world leadership skills; the DWOC will grow to be managed by youth for youth.
  3. To ensure all Challenge participants have fun and a safe environment.

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